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Sun visor question

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I need sun visors for my 68 Dart.A guy on ebay has a pair off of a 69 Charger and says they are the same as an A body.Is that right?
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I may have some black ones laying around, they should be the same, they were from a 67' and I had them in my 69'. They no longer fit my car, I'll rummage around the garage and see if I stil have them 8)
I just re-read my above post, I don't mean to imply the charger ones are the same, I have no clue on that. ::) The ones I have are from a 67 Dart GTS. ;D
I don't know for certain, but Year One (and all the resto suppliers have new ones). Even if you don't want to buy new, it could be a reference for compatability. Also, if you are not aware, convertibles and hardtops use different visors.

If I'm remembering correct the one's in my 69 Super Bee were the same as the A bodys. The mirror base was longer on the B body to make up the difference. Not 100% on that It's been a few years.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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