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ok heres my problem... right now the suspension on the car has stock 73 disc brakes,318 torsion bars and beat shocks up front... out back it has stock slant six leaf springs (over 100,000 miles on them) and a set of air shocks that have been there for over 10 years now....

heres my problem. i want to freshen up the suspension for a better ride/handleing but i'm affiaid of slowing the car down by putting new springs and all on.... the way its sits now the car hooks very well. infact it pulls the left fron tire at the track... it goes a 1.69 60 foot and is straight as an arrow down the track...

i want to put a stock set of 6 leaf springs and a set of 340 bars up front. on it and some kyb shocks. do you think this will kill the track performance or do you think it will help ??

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