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Suspension part number / application quest.

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Now: the plan is to install 1973 A-body UCA/spindles/10.87 disks onto a 1964 Valiant. We'll swap to manual steering from PS too. I was just looking at the Suspension part number pages, and I have a few questions:

1) UCA Ball Joints use K772 - no problem
2) LCA Ball Joints: do I use K781/783 for 1973? Is the TRE taper correct? or K785/787 for 1964? Will these bolt up to the 1973 spindle?
3) UCA Bushings: use K408 or K7103 eccentrics - no problem
4) LCA pivot: K791 - no problem
5) Idler: K414 - still available?
6) Pitman arm: if using a 62-66 manual box, K7020 (available?), can I change to a later Manual box? 67-72 using K 7074, or 73+ using 7075? Is there ever a change in the taper into the centerlink on any of thiese different arms?
7) TREs: ES319R/L as stock, still available? to upgrade to 74 C body (11/16s), use ES440s / ES352R / ES355L; will the tapers fit the centerlink / balljoint female tapers?

Finally: manual steering boxes.....comments? years and differences?

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Lower ball joints MUST match the spindle year.
Idler, I really don't know if it's still available, but it's the only one you can use unless you want to fab up a bracket for something else.
The pitman arm needs to match the chassis. The small sector box was used exclusively on a-bodies through 1972. I don't believe there is a pitman arm for the large sector box and early chassis.
Tie rod ends are no problem. I wouldn't worry about c-body rod in this car.
Any small sector manual box will work fine, but they do tend to get worn out so watch what you buy. I wouldn't buy a used one on-line. Even if it feels good, it may be sloppy in the car. Bill's price on the Flaming River boxes is pretty good.

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