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I am sorry if this is covered elsewhere, I tried to search but kept coming up short. search told me "t56" had to many results.

I am thinking of putting a t56 in my 73 dart.
I plan on putting a tubular sub frame and building a custom cross-member, and i know i will have to cut and modify the tranny hump. However I have also read there is a possibility that i will need to relocate the torsion bar cross-member.

basically just converting from an auto to a manual, gonna have at least 400+hp/torque. the 4speed that was in dodges i have read alot about the high rpms at highway speed and then couple that with the 400+ Hp.. that's what im looking at the t56, plus in the years I am planning on getting a viper v10 swap, have a friend with a wrecked viper and he is willing to sell me it.

Does anyone know if this is true about the transmission? if so i will have to consider other tranny options. Thank you in advance.
ps, if anyone has a link to any other t56 posts, PLEASE let me know...i hate double posting
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