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tape kits

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please, please please explain to me what a "tape kit" is.
Do u still need a rubber gasket , or does it completely replace that?
I need to pop out my 68s rear window so this is next on my list, but nobody i talk to seems to know anything about windows.
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don't know what you referring to as a tape kit. but i know you will need the rubber seal around the window.
I'm not sure what they call a tape kit, but I know when I took the glass out of my 69 Dart there was some really sticky stuff that was a bitch to remove o[ o[ It looked like some kind of tape adhesive that probably helped seal the window. I am guessing that might be waht they call a tape kit, and you would still need to replace the rubber seal around the glass. I usually hire the local glass guy (who's been there for like 30 years) and have him re-install all the glass. That way if something goes wrong it's his Dime not mine. Plus, they guarantee no leaks, well worth the $$$.

it almost sounds like you are talking about those old fashioned stick on plastic things to keep your rear window defrosted
I think what you are referring to is what's called a window "ribbon" kit. It is used to seal windshields without rubber gaskets. It's a urethane base.
Yeah, ribbon sealer; and yeah, it completely sucks scraping it all off. o[
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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