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Tire Question

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I have a set of 28X9X15 MT slicks for my 66 Dart GT. Will these be good enough for the track? Motor will have around 500hp, with 3.91 posi, with around 2800 stall.

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does it have a ft. sway bar???what kind of traction bars????
I was going to use an adjustable pinion snubber. No traction bars. No front sway bars. Wasn't planning on installing them either. I really want to lift the wheels off the ground when I take off. This is a picture of the front end with everything removed. The previous owner made it easy to access the motor and save some weight. I am going to make a shock tower, it'll probably be part of the roll cage.


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:eek: how's the fenders mount??
are those radiator mounts?
and are they and old bed frame?
There are two studs with clips on the passenger and driver side that holds the back of the fenders on. There is two hinges that holds the front of the clip on. You can undo the fenders from the studs with the clips and rotate the entire assembly up 90 degrees, or drive out the pivot pins and remove it totally. BUT, back to my original question..... Are the 28X9X15 MT Slicks enough rubber with a 500hp engine pushing the car to hook up at the track? I think the 28" height would work okay with the 3.91 gears, I was just wanting other opinions.

AND I do not know where they got the angle iron for the radiator mount. I highly doubt it is from any kind of bed frame. I haven't seen many blue bed frames rails.

We use the M/T 28 x 9 slicks at the track on my sons Dart street car. I would guess it make around 500 flywheel hp and about 425 at the wheels.  It runs 11.50's @ 116 and I am sure it weighs at least 3500 or more with the driver as nothing has been removed from car.  It hooks just fine and it has all the stock suspension with SS springs.  Ron

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you probly shoulda left the front shock supports in to save yourself some work, heres how we did it on our duster that tyre size should be fine infact im wishing now that id used that kind of tyre size & super stock springs rather than the full on 4 link iv ended up with coz it sure has cost alot of $$$ to get it thus far & im not finished with it yet.

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Bsouders, You should be fine with thouse. I don't think it will pull the front wheel, but it will hook up. Dave
All the stock eliminator guys run 28x9, 29x9, or 30x9 slicks. Super stock was won last year at Indianapolis by a Hemi E-body running 30x9x15 Goodyears. Most of the faster Stock Eliminator guys pull the fron tires, run, very tall gears, very high stall speeds, wheels up, and all on 9 inch slicks.

I'd invest in a set of cal-tracs and split monoleafs and lose the pinion snubber and SS springs. Some places will ship for free if you purchase both at the same time. You'll also save quite a bit of weight.

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