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TKX swap in 71 Demon

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So far this has been a pretty straightforward installation. I went with the ProFit TKX kit from American Powertrain mainly because they were having a sale at the time and I pulled the trigger. The kit does a decent job to get the tranny in without too much problems, but with all modifications, there is always going to be some type of extra parts and/or work involved. I must say that their instructions are a joke and they don't have the best customer service in my opinion.. but such is life! The kit cost me $5,500 out the door so I can't complain too much.

I'm at the point of waiting for my driveshaft to be built, as well as my upper hoop from Holley (BHS578), and finalizing the floor hump afterwards. Only struggle I have encountered is having to modifying the "modified" z-bar to fit without rubbing on my TTI headers. I'm hoping to have it all squared away by X-mas for an awesome gift to myself haha!

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dang! that's purdy!
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