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torsion bar help

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I've got a quick question for every one- I messed up when I was pulling my parts/donor car apart and didn't make note of which side is which and whitch way the "curve" goes. Is there a right way to put them in for the initial setup? I know once everything is togather then the positioning might change- right? I haven't ever done a whole front end kit, so I'm kind of in new territory here. My parts came from a 74 Gold Duster V8, air, ect... the bars are .870" I hope someone can give me hand! thanx o----o<>
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The bars should have a R and a L on them to tell you witch side they are for.
Cast into the ends? the paint is all off of one and the other has a blue paint dab on it.
It's part of the part # in on the ends of them.
Ok I got that figured out (confirmed my idea)but I still need to know the correct orientation of the "curve" or does it matter as it will be changed but the alignment shop?
Are you talking front to back? The twist won't change as long as the bars stays on the side it came from.
They should be straight. There is an offset to the hexes, though.

I don't mean that they're bent or anything just that they have a slight arc throughout the bar, from what I can deduct from the bar- theres alot of paint chipped off of one side so I'll asume that thats the down side. I've always read that there is an arc and to make sure to reinstall it the same way it came out- But in my haste of ripping everything apart I forgot to mark it! If no one knows then I'll just make sure to take note when I rip into my car! **(*)
The only torsion bar I saw with a bow was a brand new one I got from Mopar Performance. I took those back and got another set, which were straight. The parts guy, who is into the muscle cars, said it doesn't hurt the function any, but he would replace them if I wanted. My thought was about clearance. Stuff is tight enough, especially with headers.
If there was a bow to the bar it might make it very difficult to install as the hexes won't line up.

the bow isn't extreme- is maybe 1/8"from one side to the other. I've always heard that is how the all are after being used- both are identicable in arc and both hex heads are straight (checked with a couple different staight edges) so ok- forget about the arc- is there a certain way to align the straght line on the back of the hex? or is it just a "throw it in there and let'r buck" kinda thing- don't really want to buy new bars.
odd no. ones should be on the left.there is a slight twist toward the front make sure you lower control arms are in postion or when you put the bars in ,the lower control arm will be in a off postion and hang lower than it should
I have to back up Jim, they should be perfectly straight. If not get new one's.
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