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truck arm rear suspension

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Anyone using or thought of using a truck arm rear suspension?

Seems like it would complement the AlterKation nicely.  Not sure how it would work with frame connectors and whatnot though.
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I have looked into them and they look like a pretty good set-up, but a little bit more work then I want to do. Lots of chevy guys have gone with them. I good place to ask about that set-up is over on Here's a link to them

Great site with lots of suspension discussion.

After looking around that site, I kind of leen more in the direction of keeping the leafsprings and adding a watts linkage. 

Found a discussion on this with a link to this site:


Looks like a nice way to make a relatively stock leafspring suspension have a lot more lateral control. 

With the right leafsprings that could be a killer setup for the corners. 

My goal is the usual make it handle the curves enough that it is fun, and the straightline enough that 600 hp won't break anything in the 1/4 mile. 
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Where do you run an exhust system with those truck arms in the way?
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