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I'm sure this has been asked before but I can't find a search function to look for it. Anywho, I want to put a tuffwheel on my 67 barracuda. I do not have the original wheel so options are open. The wheel that I have is a POS that looks like it came from Trader's village. It ain't goin back on.

I was at the Lonestar Shootout today and took measurements on a 69 a-body steering column (a very nice original Mcode 440 cuda) and a 71 Demon with tuff wheel and adapter.

The 69 column just forward of the wheel attach point is 4" in diameter. The 71 demon has an adapter diameter of 4.6". What I want to know is if the adpater will still bolt up even though it will be sticking out 0.3" radially from the 67 column? Anyone done what I'm talking about?

I really don't want to change steering column to 70-76 style (i know its the same diameter as the 71 demon adapter as it perfectly matches) as I have two issues.
1) my 67 is a floor shift, manual style and its hard to find one that has both these qualities no matter what year 67-76. I need manual steering as I will be running a BB and headers (why else would I be on this site). :)
2) the 70-up style has the ignition key built into the column and I have the ignition key in the dash.

I've wondered if the area around the key could be cut out and then patched over similar to another thread where someone converted a column shift to a floor shift by cutting the auto trans gear indicator bezel area off and then filled in.

I also measured a 71 R/T charger's adapter. It was identical to the 71 demon's. I have the charger's wheel picture if there is a way to post it to this thread. Somebody explain how to attach it and I will.
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