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Uh, has anyone ever seen one of these?

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I don't understand why you would want this on your grille, myself... ???
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someone might think its worth it but i would not put that on my ride for 500 plus
I thought those were for the 68's only? doh
68 and GTS only (and not all of them). Very rare and very expensive piece, if original. Check out my GTS.

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I believe Tony's parts was selling them, not sure if he still does.
From what I understand................. The repops are made out of plastic and the originals are potmetal diecast. 0/
:)I hope I didn't offend you with my opening comment, actually looks a lot better when it's on the car. ;D

Were those dealer installed or factory?
No problem. They were factory, but there is some question on why certain cars got it. The best explanation seems to be early cars got them, later cars did not.

My GTS had a scheduled production date of Aug 28, 1967, but the entire front end was replaced due to the previous owner broadsiding a van. Bruce (the guy I bought the car) ran a red light while driving with the top down in the summer of 1970 in San Francisco (where he lived at the time).

Based on Jim's car, I like it. Like a lot of stuff, I wouldn't pay the price, though. :-\
It's a lot different when you are restoring a rare car. I wouldn't pay $500 (or more) for a carburetor, because I don't need that much. It's all a matter of priorities. With that said, I will let you all know what I paid for one in a wrecking yard in the late 90s.................two dollars and change. It is the only spare one I have ever bought and was traded for hood inserts, sort of (long story and to guy who I will NEVER deal with again - not because I got a bad end of the deal, but because he lied to me about him using it).

I had a 68 GTS 383 Dart with one. It really makes the front end look good. Too bad they didn't put them on all 68's. The only ones I have seen were on big block cars. I recently was told they are on the early small and big block GTS 's only. It is definitely a rare piece. There was an NOS NIB one on Ebay a few months back that went for around $300. %) $100. seems a little more reasonable to me. 2 Please. **(*)
DartKnight said:
:)I hope I didn't offend you with my opening comment, actually looks a lot better when it's on the car.  ;D

Were those dealer installed or factory?
[]{} at first i thort "huh" then once i saw on a car i thort Mmmm like it
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