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VIN# for a Bcuda

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On a 65, the VIN# is on the driverside jam is that correct? Is there another location where they stampped them? My friend took his Bcuda to the DMV but had to make an appointment for secondary inspection because of the VIN#. I guess they need to see where the # is besides the one on the DS jam.
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this might help convincing DMV......I'll keep looking
The VIN is only found in one place on Mopars built 68 and earlier. The other stamped numbers are the Shipping Order number. I don't know where you are, but here in California any peace officer can fill out the VIN verification. That's what I did with Jeff's Dart after the hassle of getting Alan's Barracuda registered. In the case of Alan's car I offered to bring my GTS down with all the documentation to prove it. They didn't want to bother and believed me.

I removed information about the history of the car and photos from the public domain that were available by VIN number before selling my Baracuda. Used to delete car history VIN Cleaner. Removing the American vehiсles history from Internet resources
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