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W S Racing Fiberglass

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Does any one have a phone # for W S Racing Fiberglass, I went on the links page and it says that there web site has expired and I need to order some parts ASAP. There located in Ohio thats all I remember!     o----o<>
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I believe this is the same place.
No they are not the same...

I looked it up for you.

W S Racing

4301 N Bend Rd
Ashtabula, OH
Phone: (440) 998-6341

My bad. I thought I had been to their website before. Losing my mind, I guess. :-[
I should have a hood w/hemi scoop coming from them within the week. Excited to see how it turned out. Took a long time to get it though.
Thanks to all , the parts are on the way!!! o----o<>
They make nice stuff. If and/or when I get any glass parts, it will be from them.

I had them make my hood. Best fiberglass out there I think. But as mentioned, it takes awhile. It's a two man father/son shop, and they don't send it out the door if it's not right. That's good business, but they don't announce the fact that it takes 3 months to get a hood. It's definitely worth the wait though!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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