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This new B.B.D. diecast & plastic model car classified forum is set up strictly for for established B.B.D. members to buy, sell, or trade their diecast and plastic models.

There are a few rules for this forum which include the following:

(01) This forum is for selling, buying, or trading diecast and plastic models only! Any other type of an ad will be deleted by me, or one of the other moderators.

(02) All new members must first introduce themselves in the "New Member Forum" and then have an additional five (5) posts on the B.B.D. web site before they can post on this classified ad's forum. Sorry, but there will be no exceptions to this rule.

(03) All sellers should please post the following information in each of their "for sale" ad's on this forum.

(A) State, or country you live in if outside of the U.S.

(B) Contact information so potential buyers can ask any questions they may have about the items you're selling.

(C) A good description of each item you're selling.

Not mandatory but recommended:

(A) A nice clean digital picture of each item you're selling.

(B) A price for each item you're selling.

Please also understand that all transactions made through this forum are strictly between the buyer and the seller. The administrators and moderators are not here to police any of these transactions! If any issues arise, it will be up to the buyer and seller to work out their differences.

Thanks in advance for following the rules above and for treating each other with respect.

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