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What are your opinions on 1-stage paint under the hood and 2-stage on the body?

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After reading pages and pages on, I've found a few posts regarding this topic but the people that oppose it never elaborate on why they think it is a bad idea other than one post where someone mentioned possible problems with color matching. This car is not going to be a show car, but I want a very nice driver that if I take it to a cruise-in, small local show, or even the Mopar Nats in the non-judged area that it looks presentable.

As I stated in my "Makeshift paint boot" thread, a friend of the family has offered to let me use the booth and respirator at his shop when I paint my car. However, I would love to have the car drivable prior to that. If I do the engine bay at home with a 1-stage paint (so that its iso-free), is there anything wrong with that? Will it cause me any other problems later when I do base/clear on the body?
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there is no reason not to do it... you blow in the engine compartment ,trunk and door jambs with single stage then you can base clear the rest of the car... saves time not having to clear the areas that don't get seen alot.. or you can single stage the whole car then clear just the outside... had a friend with a super chevy winning chevelle that didi it that way
Thats what I do whenever I do trunks or engine compartment- you can also (usually) add a little hardner to the single stage and make it a little tougher- ask your paint sales person about this though some paints it won't work with.
I just did my engine compartment, I did 2 stage at home, came out great, as far as the ISO's are concerned, it took me about 7 minutes to clear the whole underhood area, if you only doing this once I wouldn't and didn't worry about it....Just buy the best respirator you can....
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Wow! That looks great. I'm hoping mine turns out that nicely. I'm not going for a show-car appearance, but I want it to look at least as nice as it left the factory. I'm just trying to figure out if I want to keep the factory black firewall and body-color inner fenders (I guess thats an FJM-body thing) or go all body color.
Ryan, looking good. What's your time table for it being on the road? I remmember when you started it last year. Steve
dmn71 said:
Ryan, looking good.  What's your time table for it being on the road?  I remmember when you started it last year.  Steve
Dont want to hijack the thread but I'm GOING to have it running by this summer, may not be painted but...Actually this past November made 2 years since I started it doh

I had hoped to have it done by now but between burning myself out working on it, a new baby and life in general has interupted that LOL...I'm determined to have it driveable this spring/summer...Besides the paintjob/bodywork, all thats left is to finish the front suspension (this weekend), re-wire the car, drop the motor and tranny in, install the interior and drive it like I stole it <:>


i was wondering the same thing. id like to paint all the jambs, trunk and such, put the doors, fenders and trunklid on then paint the rest with 2 stage. seems like it would help prevent chipping edges and all the bolt heads would be covered
Engine bay looks great.
Bakaruda said:
Engine bay looks great.
the engine compartment was done about 4 1/2 years ago and the udnerside of the hood we did back at our house bout almost a year ago now

What the underside looked like(i got the hood with the chrome trim for the hood for 75 bucks what a score!)

After a primer went on

And da paint

and put the hole in my hood for my ram air effect on my K&N.
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Halfaed said:
You painted the wall!!!!!!!!!! Looks good.
lol yeah still loks like that 2 in the mini shed . that and the misc hood parts were my 1st ever parts i painted with a gun, dad was teaching me, i could have used a little bit more clear on the hood though i think
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