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Hey gang, the Dana is in, it was not a easy job by myself but buy using two floor jacks it is in.

My question now is.. what is to close for the tire to quarter panel clearence?

I have cut the quarter panel wheel lip back to 1/8" or less and I have about 1/4" clearence between the tire and the 1/8" lip
Can I cut more off the lip? My plans were to have 1/2" clear but something got bigger
somewhere and made the thing grow? I have 4 more inches to the inside, I can order another set of rims
with 1" more backspacing, I have a 15x14 " wide rim now with 4 1/2" backspace.

Any help from you guys with big tires who know what you are doing?
The car looks fat and mean, but I do not want to cut down a $300 slick at 100 mph++

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If your slicks are that big than I would get some new wheels so that you have at least 1 inch between the tire and the lip. I have rite at 3/4 of an inch with my car 12x31s and mine will rub when I turn off the track or when turning into the staging lanes. Dave

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I was afraid of that. I worked on the quarters again last night and now have 3/8" clear on both sides
but the slicks on the rims I have are 33x17x15 and has a mounted width of 17.4"
If I buy a set of 33x14x15 they have a listed width of 14.4" this should help.
Thanks again dartracer, you have helped me before.
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