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Ok finally got empty block, crank, two sets of heads all sitting in the engine bay for weight. I set the front ride height from floor to bottom of fender at 25 1/2 inches (above the tire) on the left and 25 1/4 on right. this was to allow for my big ass. Then I set the rear coilover mounts. I need to push the car out of the garage on it dollies to see what the stance looks like. Now for my question, anybody running a backhalf car with fenderwell headers? What is your ride heighth? And how is your header clearance to the ground? This is a track only car. Inner fenderwells will be removed. Also what about your exhaust pipe to ground clearance. I don't want it to hang down to far. I will channel the floor if I have to. Plan on exhaust exiting in front of tires. Open headers rattle my brain. Also (again) I have old 14.5x32 on the car now, I plan on going to 15x32 when its time, what kind of clearance between the tire and the wheel tub is needed? I will be doing this this weekend. o----o<> tnku
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I would feel safe with 1/2" or a little less between the tire and wheeltub. Don't know about the other stuff.
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