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I would like to know what size Cragar SS wheels are being used on a 69 Dart with disc brakes from a 73 Dart. I put 7 inch ones on it and it looks STUPID. They almost stick out of the fenders. They have a 4.125 back space. I see summit offers a 6 inch with custom back spacing. I called them and they said I would have to call back monday so they could call cragar to see what back spacing they can do. Any ideas. Thanks

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I have a 1968 Dart GT with 1973 Duster front disk brakes retrofit.

My front Cragar SS wheels are 15 X 5" with 3" backspace.

Tire size is a BFG T/A 215-60R/15. Looks good, fits good, no rubbing anywhere, even at extreme steer-lock..
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