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What would you do....( fitting engine)

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OK - I want to know what everyone would so here ( that means YOU - incliuding bill)

My 56 plymouth project is at a point where I can just put a small block BOLT IN or go the early hemi -

of course I'm going early hemi - there are a few good things - the motor mounts BOLT up to the motor, the problem is that they are about 1 -1/2 wider then the mounts on the K frame - ( i used a 78 magnum front end ) and these are spool mounts -

next problem is the steering - if i spread the spools the exhaust studs hit the steering box, ( it is power)

when i went with the magum front end it essentially lowered the motor about a foot - leterally - and I have tons of hood clearence -

put it this way - I had a small block in there, with tunnel ram with carbs with air cleaners AND closed the hood... I can stand to raise the motor,

which finially brings me to my question.... how would you raise it?

I'm considering just sutting the spools and raising them with rectangular box steel.... any suggestions?

heres a pic...


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It looks like you got room to raise the motor and tranny up some. I would cut the mounts on the K frame and extend them up. That should get it to clear. Also do you got room to offset to the pass. side some more?
I don't know what kind of engine offset there was in those cars, but I would make sure the centerline of the crank was in the same spot from side to side. Then raise it as you need to. Those mounts are incredibly strong. When I build a DC k-member I move those mounts (on the 73-76 A-body k-member) and there is not a lot of area that is welded on the rear of the driver side. Jeff's k-member has well over 31,000 miles without a problem.

DJVCuda said:
I'm considering just sutting the spools and raising them with rectangular box steel.... any suggestions?

You don't want it to look like a hack job and sometimes box steel can if not done right . I would cut the mounts off the K frame and have a channel bent that would fit over the K frame to make it as high as you want slope the ends down to give them a finished look make it look like it's part of the K frame and then reweld the mounts back on.

Don't luagh at my drawing not very good at that.

[attachment deleted by admin]
What about having the base of the mounts farther apart and facing into the engine at a little bit of an angle? Is how you have them now the way they came on the 78 magnum front end originally? I would do it like BS said but with some more lateral support (clamping action?) if there's room.
thank you for the suggestions so far - after I took that pix, I moved the motor to the pass side - so the hole in the drives side mount lines up - thats about where the CL of the magnum motor was, they are where mopar put the for the 360 in that car, that puts the CL of the motor about 1-1/2" off CL to the pass side, thanks for the suggestion about the cradle, I didnt think of that, and I can go up a total of about 8" before the tranny hits the floor...

keep em coming!

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