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Wheezy motor...:(

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IN next years would be nice to use the 79 318 (NOS chrysler).. Even with an intake and 4 brl carb....isn't the motor too low compression? chilton puts the HP at 120 or so for stock. Should I up the compression? what the best economical way? then obviously a cam upgrade to take advantage. I don't want it to be a wimpy ride. I prefer to keep is a SB....unless an Alterkation can be had!
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Compression should be in the 8.5 or so advertised range. With the proper selection of parts it can be made ok (maybe not great, but still worth doing). The big limitation as I see it (from all that I have read, not done) is that too much cam will really kill the power capabilities. You can start from scratch with that motor and new pistons, but unless you are trying to make a lot of power, it might be money poorly spent.

Mike, When I blew up my original 340, I bolted the heads, cam, intake, etc. onto a used low compression 73 318 shortblock. It ran very well, mid 13's as I recall. Your biggest improvement will be to put in a fairly mild performance cam with a dual plane intake and small 4 barrell carb.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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