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Who needs body parts?

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I need to know how many people on here need some fiberglass fenders or hood or something. i just want to know if it will be worth my time to build a mold. so reply if you think that it would be worth my time.
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Hello, I am interested in hood and fenders for a 63 Dart.

I would like to put fiberglas hood and Trunk on my 66 dart. I had a hard time finding non rusty front fenders as well, if fiberglass fenders had been available I would have bought them.
I could use a hood, fenders, and a front bumber for my 68.
I am thinking of fiberglass front for my 66 valiant wagon race project. I think the early valiant/ baracuda front ends are the best looking, as in 64. Then you can sell not only to valiant owners but also baracudas too!!
I would be interested in 66 Dart Fenders, hood and trunk lid!
Depending on what your location is; I'd be interested in '65 Barracuda fiberglass front fenders, hood w/ molded 6-pack scoop, & lower valance.

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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