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Will 72 Dart Hood Hinges fit a 69?

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I just lost an auction on Ebay for a set of 1969 Hinges, because I fell asleep too early (Sucks getting old  doh )  But I see there are  a set of 1972 hinges on there now.  Will those fit a 1969?

OR,  are the old ones rebuildable, mine have a ton of slop in them

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my interchange book says 68 to 71 part numbers 2802120(right) and 2802121(left) and 1972 to 1974 part numbers 3582972(right) and 3582973(left)
so i do not think the 72 will work on the 69 i think it has something to do with the way you can adjust your hood. it was discussed on the old forum if you can find it
Thanks for the information, It's much appreciated. tnku

The difference between my 69 cuda hood and a 73-76 dart sport hood is that the 69 hood had a floating plate inside the hood for adjustment and fixed holes in the hinges. The 73-76 used fixed threads in the hood and slots in the hinges for adjustment. Either style should do the job. Is there a lot of slop in the hinges with the hood mounted? Without the hood attached, they all flop around like crazy.
The hood did not want to go down in the back when you closed the hood. Maybe I just need to oil them up real good, but that didn't seem to work before. of course, now the fenders are off, etc, so how can I test them without putting it all back together?

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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