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wilwood brake swap ?

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I have a 67 Barracuda that has the six cylinder drivetrain and small 4" bolt pattern. I want to know if Wilwoods set for this year has the same bolt pattern, I want 4.5" bp. Do I need to change the whole front suspension just to get 4.5" bp or can I just buy a set of wilwood brakes and rebuild the stock suspension. I am going to install a 440 w/auto. mounted by a motor plate so motor mounts are not an issue. Car will see limited street (2000miles a year max), but will be a bracket car mostly.
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Most of the Wilwood kits are 4.5" bolt pattern.  Call Wilwood to be sure or check the website.
Yep, 4.5" pattern. Actually, the Mopar kits are all drilled 4.5" and 4", HOWEVER, and this is important - NO 4" pattern wheel will fit on the hub. Wilwood changed the bolt patterns at the request of one of their major dealers without doing any research on the matter.
So, the tech guys say the kits have 4", the advertising says they're 4", but in reality, it's just useless holes, and you have to use the 4.5" pattern.

If you click the link below, you can check out the instruction sheets for any of the HD Wilwood kits I normally mess with - these are the vented rotor type. The filename is the Wilwood part number. I can get it for you, or you can use that number to get it anywhere else you prefer. Don't forget, switching to a disc brake kit of any kind(stock or otherwise) will widen your track width 1/4" per side compared to drum brakes - if wheel clearance is tight, you may have to worry about that.

Carter, as your signature changes, I'm finding it increasingly more diffcult to type sensible replies...if you expect intelligent answers, I wouldn't add any more to it ;D
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If I can buy a disc brake kit to bolt on to my 9" drum spindle and have 4.5bp, is the rest of the stock suspension not good enough or safe to run a big block, or do I need to convert my whole front suspension to the 73-76 a body for a safety concern or is this swap not done commonly because the cost of wilwood brakes
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Good info Bill - and one thing to note that we figured out between my Wilwood drag kit and Sycboi's pro street kit, is that the drag kit hats are actually 1/2" thick -vs- 1/4" thick. Since the strength is actually in the 'shear' direction, I really don't see the reason for the extra thickness. I'm actually thinking of milling them back 1/8" or so... what do you think?

I have a Wilwood disc brake set-up
on my stock Demon drum brake front end.
everything has been replaced or rebuilt.
looking to sell it, let me know if interested.

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Has the person with the Wilwood disc brake set-up on a stock Demon sold these parts yet? I am getting a 1971 Dart and want to switch to disc brakes. Can you send me some pictures? Where do you live and what are you asking? Are they 11" discs? Maual or power brakes? I am also going to run a 440 with 727 some I dont have much room for power brakes master cylinder? Send info to [email protected]

I live in Streetsboro, Ohio.
I am asking $950. for everything.
K-frame,90/10 drag shocks,brakes,all new
poly bushings,everything is painted.
All new ball joints etc..
Have a nice day,
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