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Window parts - Dart

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I was working on my Dart, robbing parts from a parts car to fix up all the windows so they will operate properly. The rear side windows would kick to the side, due to the rear guide not doing its job. There is a 2 sided roller which helps keep the back of the windows in line, and between 4 windows (my Dart and parts car) there was only one in good condition.

Here is a pic of the part. Imagine another plastic guide wheel on the pivot ball.

Is there a source to replace these? Perhaps someone has an extra? I need one more!


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I made new pieces out of nylon stock for mine and I had an old one to follow. A good machinist should be able to make you some in little time. The part you need is like a wheel that snaps over that ball end and it runs in the guide track. Sorry I don't have any sources.
I found a supplier. R/T Specialties had the part for $6.00! ;D
Great! Your windows will work well now. Remember to re-grease all the parts. That 37 year old grease doesn't work anymore.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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